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About Me

Born in Kenya to British parents, I went to London aged 8, after the Mau Mau uprising, then my parents immigrated to Australia.

I always loved art, and as a young child in Kenya I used to paint the wild animals in my garden. I left school aged 14 and worked for Berlei Bra's, poster writing and window dressing. I was discovered as a model, by Australian Post, for whom I did over 27 front covers. I did modeling until I went to London aged 19 for the Miss World competition, and stayed on in London amassing dozens of TV commercials, Revlon, and Lambs Navy Rum being the biggest, also Movies: "Rollerball", "Muppett Capers", and "Dr, Phibes Rises Again" with Vincent Price who was also an art critic. After asking me about my art and seeing it, he arranged an exhibition for me, where I sold 30 paintings in 2 hrs!

After that I became an artist to the British show biz families, painting their animals, and children (i.e. a gorilla for Tom Jones's manager!), clowns for Mike and Bernie Winters, commissions for Michael Parkinson and Des O'Conner, etc.

One night I had a dream, telling me over a few nights how to do my new 3 D art step by step, using mirrors, paper mache, and semi precious jewels and pearls, mostly goddesses and animals, all peace loving. I suppose it's new age art.

I hope you enjoy!



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